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The EMC-20H LOw MU is a low magnextic signature version of the EMC-20H and is the simplest of dive computers to use and understand. 

It is ready-to-use straight out of the box. 
Merely understand the large easy-to-read display and audible warnings. The intelligence built into the EMC-20H manages everything else. It automatically, seamlessly, and constantly adapts to your personal diving style, water temperature, salt/fresh water, ascent rates, and altitude . It even has a built in 'Flight Data Recorder' that records changes in altitude during your flight to and from the dive destination. (Eighteen percent of the DCI incidences occurred during or immediately after a Post-dive change of altitude.) Multi-blend configuration features Cochran's patented gas blend switching. 
 Available configured for: 
  1. Air Only One Mix Nitrox
  2. 1 FO2 Two Mix Nitrox
  3. 2 FO2 One Mix Nitrox Switchable to One PO2
  4. 1 FO2 / 1 PO2
  5. Two Mix Nitrox Switchable to Two PO2
  6. 2 FO2 / 2 PO2 One Mix Nitrox + Helium (One Mix Trimix or Heliox)
  7. 1 FO2 + He Three Mix Nitrox + Helium (Three Mix Trimix or Heliox )
  8. 3 FO2 + He One Mix Nitrox + Helium (One Mix Trimix or Heliox) Switchable to One PO2 + Helium (Trimix Diluent)
  9. 1 FO2 / 1 PO2 + He Three Mix Nitrox + Helium (Three Mix Trimix or Heliox) Switchable to Two PO2 + Helium (Trimix Diluent)
  10. 3 FO2 / 2 PO2 + He
Choice of Wrist Unit Mounting Options Module Only Hose Mount Wrist Mount - Standard Twin Console Retractor Triple Console Retractor with Compass Choice of Standard Red Backlight or Optional Yellow Choice of Wrist Unit Case Color: Titanium Color - Standard Navy Seal Black - optional Dive Profile Memory (at One-Second Sampling): 180 Dive Hours - Standard Interdive Profiling (Records Events Between Dives such as Altitude Changes) Uses 3 volt lithium battery or N Size Alkaline Batteries (User Changeable) Battery Life is Over 1000 Dive Hours (Depending on Taclite Usage) Extended Range 20 Compartment Algorithm Maximum Depth Over 410 feet Decompression Ceilings to 410 feet No Lock Out Real Time NDC and Deco Times Based on Breathing Mix Currently Being Used Real Time CNS and OTU Oxygen Toxicity Calculations Decompression Times and Ceilings Based on FO2 of All Mixes Decompression Times Account for Ascent Rate Automatic Altitude Acclimatization up to 16,000 Feet Environmental Compensation for: Water Temperature Altitude Microbubbles User Added Conservatism Previous Dive Profiles Salt Water / Fresh Water Predive Airplane Flights Postdive Airplane Flights Work Load No Hands Gas Blend Switching

L'elevato grado di specializzazione dei prodotti ad uso militare ha richiesto l'apertura di una specifica divisione.
Tutti i prodotti del catalogo Tactical & Military sono destinati ad un utenza militare e pertanto le vendite sono riservate esclusivamente a personale militare, amministrazioni dello Stato.

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